David is a Cleveland Ohio-born visual artist and free lance content creator based out central Ohio. Since he picked up his first camera hes been under a spell of wanderlust. Photography enabled him to travel more expand his mind and curiosity for the world. His goal is simple, to continue improving on his craft, thriving while sharing the beauty that he discovers. 2011 Orlando Fashion week was a launch pad for his career, meeting dozens of photographers and models. Doors began to open up for David as he would receive more invitations to upscale events around Florida. After graduating from college at the end of 2012 these opportunities gave him a glimpse of what he could accomplish with his camera, computer and a bit of ambition.

The photographers portfolio continued to grow, but it all sprang forth after he understood his appreciation for the cinematography. Theirs something about movie magic that captivates David. Being heavily influenced by film and anime he would watch movies religiously for educational purposes studying every frames movement and direction, composition became paramount. He would take what he learned and try to apply it to his own projects. His hard work paid off garnering attention from his contemporaries around the United States and abroad. Eventually he had been invited to work on a few film sets working in different roles.