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Join me as I explore the motion picture medium. I create VLOGs, art work and projects with clients. What a time to be alive when we can speak to the world and broadcast our ideas and philosophies. These are the days when anyone can be a star.

It’s what you make it

Photography as an art

Confucius said, ” We all have two lives, the second one begins once we realize that we only have one. ” I believe instead of waiting to be what you are going to be one day, you might as well start today on that journey. This is your life, so be careful not to swipe it away. Join me as walk the path developing and discovering what my art is and what I can do with it.

What are we trying to say?

Self Expresion

Lets do something! One of my favorite things is making interesting photos with people. If you have something to say, lets try to express that through light and lens. That passion you have inside needs to rosonate and it will an amazing way if you let it. I know theirs way more creative people out their who don’t even realize it. Book a consultation right now for our next project!

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Thanks for stopping by, get in touch if you like what you see. Have some ideas for a project? I’d be glad to discuss opportunites with you to see what we can come up with.


David Stephens

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